It's Really Happening!

It started, really, with my excitement to see My Friend Dahmer at this summer's Fantasia International Film Festival. I was talking with my partner about it—and in general about how the true crime selections of any given film festival are always at the top of my list—on our annual five hour train ride to Montreal when I said, "Somebody should start a festival that's just true crime movies!"

We played with the idea—me gushing about my favourite true crime documentaries, him reading me a list of films that are based on real criminal events—but I didn't really think it would be something I would do myself until I started talking to more people about it. My friend Richelle, who works as a Programming Director for The Royal Cinema, told me that it totally sounded like something her venue would be interested in hosting. My partner Steven continued to bounce ideas around with me. A few of my true crime compadres, when asked drunkenly via text, jumped at the idea of being a part of such a thing were it to ever to happen for real.

By the end of that ten day trip, I had firmed up a team a programmers and had a very good chance at landing a venue. In the month since I've been back in Toronto, I've purchased a domain, created this website, set up accounts across social media, secured official festival dates with an official venue, organized a submissions platform, and hosted our first staff meeting!

What started as a very casual remark has quickly snowballed into one of the most exciting projects I've ever been a part of. Now I can say, "It's really happening!"