Have You Met Our Advisory Committee?

On our way towards opening night, the Toronto True Crime Film Festival team has been lucky enough to receive advice, support, guidance, and expertise from an incredible collection of individuals. The members of our advisory committee are respected and accomplished leaders of the true crime community and we could not be more proud to count them as a part of our team.


ERIN LEE CARR is a New York based director, producer and writer. Her newest film Mommy Dead And Dearest had it’s World Premiere at SXSW and Hot Docs in 2017 and aired on HBO May 15, 2017. Her debut film, Thought Crimes, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and Hot Docs Film Festival in 2015 and aired on HBO that May. Variety named Erin one of the 10 Documentarians to watch in 2015. Before working with HBO, Erin hailed from the video team at VICE, specifically Motherboard where her produced content has amassed over 25 million views worldwide. One of her short films for VICE, “ Click Print Gun,” won a Webby in 2013 and gained 7 million views in its first week online. Erin is currently directing a third true crime film for HBO (Executive Produced by Sheila Nevins) and writing a forthcoming memoir for Ballantine, an imprint of Random House books. 


KEVIN FLYNN & REBECCA LAVOIE are the husband-and-wife writing and podcasting team behind the hit podcast "Crime Writers On..." They have written five true crime books: Wicked Intentions, Our Little Secret, Legally Dead, Notes on a Killing, and Dark Heart. Their other podcasts include, hosted by Rebecca: "HGTV and Me," Slate's "Mom and Dad are Fighting," and "Married with Podcast"; and hosted by Kevin: "These Are Their Stories: the Law & Order Podcast."



CHRISTINE PELISEK is the author of The Grim Sleeper, a true crime book about the police hunt for the most ruthless serial killer in Los Angeles’ history. She is also an award-winning journalist who has been covering crime for almost fifteen years. She is currently a senior writer for PEOPLE Magazine, and previously worked at LA Weekly where she broke the story about the Grim Sleeper serial killer.  She received a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for her work on the case. She has also covered national stories for The Daily Beast and 20/20. She’s been profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Columbia Journalism Review, Ottawa Sun and has been interviewed as a crime expert by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Headline News and the Nancy Grace Show.


ANTHONY TIMPSON was created in Auckland, New Zealand. He grew up watching films at The Crystal Palace Theatre in Mt Eden, Auckland. After being expelled from Otago University for heresy, he began a lifelong career in all facets of the film industry. Since the mid '80s he has rolled ice-creams, programmed cult films, produced television and feature films. His distribution company released specialist product to NZ audiences since 1993. His 35mm print archive is the largest personal film archive in the Southern Hemisphere. He launched 'The Incredibly Strange Film Festival' in 1994, it is now a section within the New Zealand International Film Festival. His national film event 48Hours began in 2003, it now attracts over 10,000 participants and features Sir Peter Jackson as mentor. He conceived and produced the anthology series The ABCs of Death for Magnolia Pictures and continues to produce films. He is married with two children, one cat, 5 chickens and 40,000 bees. 

"Someone once said, "you can lie through your teeth but your teeth don't lie", which is a succinct summation of my fascination for True Crime and why I find the idea of a film festival solely devoted to it compelling and long overdue. I lived in Los Angeles in the late '70s when newspaper headlines were filled with bodies being dumped or discovered; it felt like your chances of being murdered stepping outside were pretty high, and the fear transformed into an addiction. Ever since then I've been obsessed with true crime in literature and film, amassing paraphernalia and a large library, and programming true crime content for my own festival and others. I feel a have a solid historical perspective to work from and look forward to being on the advisory committee."



KEILA WOODARD is a true crime Producer and storyteller who’s launched over 900 hours of programming for Investigation Discovery, the #1 most-watched network for women in the US and the leader in true crime television.  Crafting the world’s most compelling criminal cases into gripping and relatable stories, while also shining a light on victim-advocacy, is the heart of Keila’s work as a true crime Producer.  She has worked very closely with FBI profilers, psychologists, detectives and true crime journalists to bring some of the genre’s best known series to life, including Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe KendaOn the Case with Paula Zahn, and Deadly Women featuring Candice Delong.  In addition, with nine years of experience directing true crime voiceover, Keila has worked with grassroots organizations such as Women In Film and Video (WIFV) as an advocate in helping talented narrators find their platform. Keila holds a BA in Radio/TV/Film studies from Howard University and is based outside of Washington DC.