I can't believe it's already been a month since we wrapped up the inaugural Toronto True Crime Film Festival! We had two days of amazing events with amazing guests and even more amazing true-crime-lovin' attendees. It would be a real crime (ha!) if you weren't able to join us for our first year, but you can always check out the recap below and get prepared for next year's festival!

Pssst... You can see our full 2018 program details here and our full festival photo album here.

We kicked off the fest with our opening night screening: the International Premiere of Skye Borgman's incredible true crime documentary Abducted In Plain Sight. Even better? We had the honour of having Skye in attendance for a post-film Q&A. 


Wrapping up Day 1, we had the Canadian Premiere of Gus Krieger's incredibly powerful and important My Name Is Myeisha. 

Day 2 started off with a bang, with Toronto's true crime community coming out in full force and packing The Monarch Tavern for our first symposium event: "Why Do Women Love True Crime?" Moderator Anne T. Donahue led a lively discussion between speakers Rémy Bennett, Karen Herland, Catherine Legge, and Keila Woodard. 

Psst... You can read their full bios over on the event page!


After shining as a panelist for our first symposium event, Rémy Bennett jumped into her second role and gave an engaging and informative multi-media presentation on the life and work of late Noir and true crime writer John Gilmore for our second symposium event: "LA Despair: Chasing Death with John Gilmore.


For our final symposium event, moderator Naben Ruthnum talked with Bek and Tyler Allen, Kevin Flynn, Joshua Zeman, and Christine Pelisek about "The Rise of the Armchair Detective.

Psst... You can read their full bios over on the event page!


In second half of Day 2, films were back in the spotlight as we presented a 15th Anniversary screening of Patty Jenkin's Monster, followed by the Canadian Premieres of Nicole Nielsen Horanyi's The Stranger and Rezo Gigineishvili's Hostages.

Psst... Did you know that 15% of all our pass and ticket sales were donated to charity? With your help, we were able to raise a total of $1,126.32 for local and Canadian charities, including: The Gatehouse Child Abuse Investigation & Support Site, Black Lives Matter - TorontoToronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against RapeWomen's Legal Education & Action FundChristie Refugee Welcome Centre, and more.



Before I finish up this post, I've got to give some thanks to all the people who made this festival happen: 

The TTCFF programmers and staff: Kier-La, Steven, Elizabeth, Claire, Gina, Jeff, Kaila, Sara, Siân, Andrea, Chris, Ali, Jordan, and Anaïs.

Our advisory committee: Erin Lee Carr, Kevin Flynn & Rebecca Lavoie, Christine Pelisek, Anthony Timpson, and Keila Woodard.

Richelle, Simon, Kathleen, Melissa, Jack, Genevieve, Michael, and all of the staff at The Royal Cinema and The Monarch Tavern

Our incredible team of volunteers: Gareth, Gizelle, Harvey, Isabella, John, Karah, Kevin C., Kevin H., Michelle, and Natalia.  

Our community partners: The MUFF Society, Regent Park Film Festival, Breakthroughs Film Festival, and European Union Film Festival.

Our 2018 sponsors: Hunt A Killer, Investigation Discovery, Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, DDB, Midport Media, Counterpoint Press, Esotouric Bus Adventures, Four Eyes Creative, and Twisted Ts.

And last, but not least: YOU! Without your support, this festival never would have happened. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


I can't wait to see you all again next year!